John Paliferro is a writer and comedian living in Los Angeles. He first found comedy and improv in 2010 at UCB and has never looked back, well maybe a little, you don't want people following you. He's studied at UCB, iO, Groundlings, and the Miles Stroth Program. He's written and performed in Sketch Cram, Celebrity barfmachine, Not Too Shabby, Spoiler Country, countless bit shows, SF sketchiest, and a few spanks to his credit. He's worked on several failed ABC pilots, the Skins Native American Sketch showcase, as well as creating the ONE website dedicated to Tom Selleck, You can check him on his iO MainStage sketch team Jet Jaguar or with his Mess Hall team Shadowfax. He's super pumped to perform for you, but even more pumped to eat burritos...seriously, they're the best.


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